October 27, 2018

If it seems like you have heard more ‘get out the vote’ slogans as of late, that’s because it’s almost time for the midterm elections. This midterm election cycle has been more closely monitored, and more highly politicized, than any in recent history. In just two weeks, the fate of roughly five hundred contested races across the country will be decided. The big ticket items are healthcare, minimum wage, taxes, and, of course, immigration. If you’re watching the election and worried about the fate of your immigration status, don’t leave your fate up to politics. Contact a Connecticut immigration lawyer today to discuss your case.

A Risky Strategy To Maintain Control

Immigration has been at the forefront of this administration’s agenda from day one. They have taken their message from the campaign trail into action, and they are not showing signs of stopping. More than $150 million has been spent on immigration-related ads this year alone, up from just over twenty million advertising dollars in the lead up to the 2014 midterm elections. While immigration was a hot-button issue in the 2016 election and played a significant role in the outcome, polls now show that swing voters and independents no longer see this as the big issue. Only fifteen percent of voters now say that the immigration debate will influence their decision on election day, stating instead that they are impacted more directly by healthcare. The GOP’s insistence on it as their primary issue may be risky.

Midterm Scare Tactics

Fearing the loss of votes if they don’t play into people’s emotions, the current administration has twisted the issues to frighten voters into stepping out on election day. The devastating news of the Mollie Tibbetts murder, for example, was framed solely as an act committed by an undocumented immigrant. The establishment portrayed the other side of the aisle as being willing to keep borders open no matter the cost, even going so far as to imply that criminals that have committed heinous crimes would be allowed to live freely.

What To Expect After November 6th

If Republicans maintain control of the House, of which there might be less than a twenty percent chance but still a genuine possibility, they will likely continue their policies that negatively impact immigrants and refugees. The zero-tolerance policy may be enforced in even harsher measures than the family separations we have already seen, and the border wall may move forward.

Immigration Lawyer in Connecticut

If you or a loved one are concerned about how the results of the midterm elections may affect you, it is time to act. Call Dehghani & Associates, LLC at (203) 773-9513 to find out what we can do to secure your future in these uncertain times.

Led by Attorney Dehghani, a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association, we are a small firm that is used to achieving significant results. Our experience and expertise in immigration law are unmatched in the state. When you become a client, you are going to receive personalized services that meet your needs. We won’t stop until we have tried every possible route. Don’t be just another case on someone’s docket, call us today for a consultation.


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