November 16, 2017

Personal injury starts with you being harmed.  This can be an auto or motorcycle accidents, slip and fall, dog bites or many other events where you’ve experienced physical or emotional harm due to another party’s actions.

Some true or false on personal injury:

  • You’ve been hurt in an auto or motorcycle accident, but it seems that the injury is no big so therefore you shouldn’t bother the police officer or medical responders at the scene about your injury. – FALSE – you don’t know how big a deal it might be and injuries often manifest over the days following an accident.
  • You are in an accident with an uninsured motorist therefore, you have no recourse – FALSE – Just because there is no insurance doesn’t mean there are no assets or other valuables that cannot be explored.
  • The insurance company from the other party in an accident calls to record an interview with you and you respond, “you can call my lawyer” – TRUE – never give statements to the insurance company without legal representation.  They do NOT have your best interests at hand regardless of how nice they might sound on the phone.
  • The attorney or insurance company of the other party sends you a letter or calls asking for your approval to inspect your medical records, it is ok for you to cooperate. – FALSE – these people are not on your side, they do not care about you and your medical information is your confidential information.
  • If you are forced to make an initial claim to your insurance company or have medical bills initially covered your rates will go up and you will have to pay them back – TRUE – BUT only if you do not protect yourself and make sure that the record is set straight and you have proper guidance on how to work with your insurance company.
  • Many Personal Injury cases are settled out of court and do not require a trial by either a judge or jury – TRUE – and this is the reason you need an experienced attorney, with only your interests in mind to ensure that the best possible solution is achieved based on knowledge of the law and what would reasonably be awarded should the court get involved.
  • Insurance companies will work with you so that the case can be settled and spare you any extra pain or difficulty – FALSE – when you are speaking to an insurance company, you need to assume that you are speaking to a lawyer or someone trained to speak by lawyers.  The primary goal of insurance companies is to minimize any payout and protect their bottom line.


People get hurt every day.  Smart people that get hurt obtain any necessary medical attention as a first priority and immediately thereafter, contact a trusted and experienced attorney who can help navigate the law, insurance industry and other complicated issues that are made only more complicated when compounded by an injury.

Dehghani & Associates has been helping the residents of Connecticut for 18 years and if you’ve been injured in an accident or otherwise at the hands of another, we are here to ensure that your rights are protected.  Call Dehghani & Associates at 203- 773-9513

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